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Spiritual Adviser                        Medium, Psychic, Psychic Reading, Tarot card reading

The world is a wonderful and mysterious place.  I will work with you to allow you to see more of the hidden world energy that surrounds all of us. Working together I will show you the answers you are looking for, easing your concerns about the past and preparing you to act on your future.

  Sharing                                              Journeys

Seeing more with guidance and understanding.

What I do as part of Spiritual Guidance...

 - Psychic/Clairvoyant readings.

 - Medium - Contact with loved ones that have passed. 

 - Tarot card readings.                  

 - Contact your spirit guides.  

 - Past lives readings.

 - Numerology (how your individual numbers effect your life path)

 - Chakra assessment & alignment.

 - Recommendations to help you heal via books and various crystals and exercises.

 - Referral to other light-workers that may be of additional help to your particular case. 


Shadia's approach is of spiritual guidance, understanding and overall health and wellness.

 Medium, Psychic, Psychic Reading, Tarot card reading

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