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About me...             Psychic, Medium, Tarot cards, Psychic reading


Having been a medium and clairvoyant since my childhood, I have had a hard time revealing my gifts to others as I worked with scientists for decades and then as a manager in retail. To be honest, I was afraid and even maybe embarrassed to speak about my spiritual talents in fear of being ridiculed as I had been during my childhood and teenage years. However, as time passed and over the years I met many wonderful spiritual teachers who helped me accept my gifts and made me realize that there are individuals who needed my spiritual guidance through what only I could see and hear. I am merely a conduit between this world and the next…..the angelic realms, spirit guides and your loved ones that have passed.


Some years back I was just about to accept a high paying managerial job I suddenly found myself declining the offer so that I could pursue a path in spiritual guidance. I wanted to help others by finally sharing my gifts that I had only shared with a select few. That is where my journey began.

As a former research scientist myself, I love and embrace science.  I embrace and am grateful for all the modern marvels and life saving aspects that science has brought us. Science has come a long way to understanding our universe, but there is more... And I'm both fortunate and cursed  to be able to tune-in, feel, hear and see some of the energy that courses invisibly through the universe.

I have helped many people. Certain people might require more professional/medical therapy and/or counseling, and I do not hesitate to refer these individuals to professionals for further assistance.

I believe in helping people to get better and be better through kindness and understanding.

Being a medium and clairvoyant since my childhood I now use my gifts to help people heal. Psychic, Medium, Tarot cards, Psychic reading.

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