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FAQ                        Medium, Psychic, Psychic Reading, Tarot card reading

Q: Where are you based and What are your prices?

A: I am based in Kingston, Ontario and provide private in person sessions and phone sessions. I travel regionally to Psychic Fairs around Ontario and also tour extensively across Canada. 

      (1)Private in person sessions are $180.

      (2)Phone session are $150 for first session - $120 for following.


Q: How long does a session last?

A: I believe in being flexible and giving everyone their individual attention. These are the basic guideline times, but will vary depending on the situation.

     (1)Private in person Spiritual Tarot session - 50-70 min.

     (2)Private Mediumship session - 45 min.

     (3)Phone session - 50 to 60 min



Q: What should I expect during my session?

A: First, other than just your name, I would ask you not to tell me anything about you and I don't ask any leading questions. The session starts by me tuning into your energy, aura and connecting to your spirit guides and telling you what I'm seeing/hearing/feeling - this may or may not include use of cards. After that we move ahead to cover some of what I'm seeing including such as  your past lives and how it relates to the past, your present situation and future.  We would look at some of the vital numbers via numerology. Then we spend some time concentrating and answering questions you have. Towards the end of the session I may also provide you with some recommendations. Each session is very individual and it really depends on what I'm seeing when I first tune into you.

Q: What if I have additional questions the next day?

A: I see and speak with a lot of people each day and once our session is done I do need to cut that connection. I simply can't stay connected to everyone.  But, if the question relates to the session and not a brand new topic, I may still be in tune and be able to answer, I can't promise, but it doesn't hurt to ask. More than one day later I wouldn't be able to answer.

Q: Can I have both Medium and Spiritual Tarot session?

A: Each session is separate, but if you are doing a Tarot session and someone comes through I will tell you about it and pass on any message.


Q: How good are phone sessions?

A: (1)For Spiritual Tarot sessions I use universal energy and it really doesn't matter if we are sitting across each other or you are on the other side of the planet. They are just as good as in person. 

     (2)For Medium phone sessions it varies and sometimes it comes through very well, other times not as much. We can try doing Mediumship on the phone and if it doesn't come through within 5 min I will cut the session and there would be no charge. What I recommend doing is doing a primarily Spiritual Tarot session with a minor component section of Mediumship(again it may or may not come through). 

Q: What happens if what you are saying doesn't sound right to me?

A: I tune into universal and your energy. The session is a process of connecting with you and your spirit guides. Somethings may not be as clear at first. But, if what I'm saying is consistently not connecting with you, you need to tell me. If I'm not connecting with you in the first 5-10min I would cut the session short and there would be no charge. It doesn't happen very often, but yes it happens and there may be a variety of reasons why I can't connect with you and maybe I'm not the right person for you to have reading with. I believe in being straight forward and not wasting your time or mine.

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