Services  Medium and Psychic,          Psychic Reading, Tarot card reading

Spiritual Tarot card readings: These sessions are detailed psychic readings that I do with the help of your individual’s spirit guides and not just the Tarot alone. During these sessions you can ask specific questions (4-5) about specific situations (relationship, business, finances and health). I can also connect you to your higher self and spirit guides upon request.  If during the reading, a person that has passed that may be around you comes through, I will not ignore that and will let you know and convey any message they may have. In this reading I also include Past lives for which I use my clairvoyance and special cards, with the aid of spirit guides, to see an individual’s past life or lives. 

Medium and Psychic: I have the ability to contact loved ones on the other side who have passed. During a mediumship session you can ask your loved ones questions and I will channel their answers.


Meditation: I will guide and teach you how to meditate with special focus on opening your Chakras and connecting to your higher self.The sessions are one-hour long. Furthermore, each session is followed up with an email from me with a message from the Angelic realm pertaining to a specific question you have asked about a situation. You will also receive information about a healing crystal you should be wearing or carrying.



Shadia's approach is of spiritual guidance, understanding and overall health and wellness. Medium and Psychic, Psychic Reading, Tarot card reading. 

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