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Services  Medium and Psychic,          Psychic Reading, Tarot card reading

Spiritual Tarot card readings: These sessions are detailed psychic readings that I do with the help of your individual’s spirit guides and not just the Tarot alone. During these sessions you can ask specific questions (4-5) about specific situations (relationship, business, finances and health). I can also guide you to connect to your higher self and spirit guides.  If during the reading, a person that has passed that may be around you comes through, I will not ignore that and will let you know and convey any message they may have. In this reading I also include Past lives for which I use my clairvoyance and special cards, with the aid of spirit guides, to see an individual’s past life or lives. An in depth numerology is included in the reading. (available in person, phone, skype, etc..)

Medium and Psychic: I have the ability to contact to loved ones on the other side who have passed. During a mediumship session you can ask your loved ones questions and I will channel their answers. (This specific and dedicated service is usually done in person only.)


Shadia's approach is of spiritual guidance, understanding and overall health and wellness. Medium and Psychic, Psychic Reading, Tarot card reading. 

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